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NADCAP Painting

Everyone is familiar with “paint”. We see it every day, and for the most part it is taken for granted. At the Wolkerstorfer Company it represents a great deal more than that. Painting is a generic term for the application of different acrylics, enamels, epoxies and polyurethanes to name the more common systems. Painting represents a series of steps to ultimately enhance the performance of a part. For example, in one application aerospace paint systems are used to reduce drag in the air representing a 1% improvement in fuel efficiency lowering fuel costs by $700 million dollars a year. In the marine industry, paints that include silicone-hydrogel and biocides reducing the ability of organisms to attach themselves to the vessels resulting reduced drag, as well as protecting the physical structure of the boat from the harsh environment in the ocean. There are thousands of other examples where a paint system has improved the performance of a part or assembly. Please review our drop downs for more information relating to how we address your paint applications and specifications.

The primer, top coat, and dry film systems are Nadcap paint certified (AC7108/1).

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Note to consumers: Wolkerstorfer Company provides metal finishing services to the industrial and commercial marketplace. We do not offer painting or plating services for consumer and household items such as: automobile parts, motorcycle parts, jewelry, kitchen/bath fixtures and furniture. Thank You.