Nadcap Certified
Dry Film Lubricants

Dry Film Lubricants

MIL-L-23398 Lubricant, Solid Film, Air-Cured, NATO Code # S-749
MIL-PRF-46010 Lubricant, Solid Film, Heat Cured, NATO Code # S-1738
MIL-PRF-46147 Lubricant, Solid Film, Air Cured, Corrosion Inhibiting
* Capabilities include but are not limited to the above.

Dry Film Lubricants (DFL), also known as Solid Film Lubricants (SFL), are designed to provide a number of functions. They reduce friction and prevent seizing and galling in extreme load applications. They operate well in very low, as well as high, temperatures where traditional wet lubricants would break down. Unlike wet lubricants, dry films do not creep. A classic example would be a chain and gear application. The cured dry film will stay where it is applied, as opposed to a wet system that would be “squeezed” out of the critical points where the gear and chain make contact. Some dry film coatings also provide excellent corrosion protection of up to 400 hours or more of salt spray resistance. Dry films with TeflonTM perform well in low loading applications, whereas molybdenum disulfide systems that incorporate graphite, indium and silver perform better in high load scenarios. Typical thicknesses range from .0002″ to .001″ and are very uniform. When you have an application where a wet lubricant is not practical, dry film lubricants may be the answer.

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