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Subsea Coatings

Subsea Coatings

Subsea equipment is subject to extreme temperatures, pressures and corrosive elements. In many cases equipment life reaches 20 years or more, requiring material finishes to last under some the harshest environmental conditions the industry has to combat.

Wolkerstorfer provides high quality surface finishes that meet numerous leading oil and gas company’s requirements and specifications for leading gas and oil companies like Petrobras, General Electric and Aker. In the case of subsea, “no news is good news’. The durability of the coating has been tested, but without the proper pretreatment, application and attention to detail, the coating systems will not achieve maximum performance.In all cases, Wolkerstorfer Company has been successfully audited by NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers), the accredited agency for the industry.

Artwork compliments of Dynamic Sealing Technologies, Inc. (DSTI) which provides fluid swivel products for critical oil and gas applications. In the illustration above, DSTI’s subsea swivels allow oil pipelines to rotate during deployment from ship to seabed preventing pipe damage resulting in costly downtime through repair and delays. For more information visit www.dsti.com.

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