wolkerstorfer metal finishing

Heavy Industrial Metal Finishing

Heavy Industrial: Heavy Industrial is a very generic term for an overall market. Under this heading we have applications with petro-chemical, construction and agriculture. To break it down further we provide the testing and metal finishing for the petro-chemical industry, whether above ground or on the ocean floor. We provide finishes for heavy equipment like earth movers, agricultural harvesters and cranes to name a few. Our plating tanks, spray booths and ovens are the largest in a 300 mile radius. Please review our “Capabilities” page for a listing of our major equipment.

When transportation of the part is not practical, we have been able to do the finishing and testing at our customer’s facility. If you are interested in discussing an onsite project please contact our Sales department or our call us at 651-636-0720.

The “Wolkerstorfer Way” – Exceptional quality with responsive lead times.