Nadcap Certified Top Coats

Top Coats

BMS10-11 Topcoat
BMS10-60 Topcoat
BMS10-83 Urethane Interior Topcoat
MIL-DTL-53039 Coating, Polyurethane, Single Component, (CARC)
MIL-DTL-53072 Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC)
MIL-DTL-64159 Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC)
MIL-PRF-22750 Coating, Epoxy, High Solids
MIL-PRF-85285 Coating, Polyurethane, Aircraft & Support Equipment

* Capabilities include but are not limited to the above.

The selection of the proper top coat can be fairly complex and challenging. It would be a rare situation where a topcoat is chosen to address only one concern. In military and aerospace applications a coating is often required to provide a number of functions. Temperature protection might mean the paint needs to provide low solar absorbance, while at the same time having low reflectivity, as is the case with a number of naval ship and armament applications. In most cases, atmospheric corrosion protection is a standard callout. However if the addition of jet fuel and fluid resistance is also required, a CARC ( Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings) system may be viable. Wolkerstorfer Co. works with a vast array of wet topcoats that meet DoD and aerospace OEM approval. We are certified by the likes of Boeing, Rolls Royce, and Sikorsky to name a few.

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