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Nadcap Plating

Why Nadcap Plating?

Plating is called out when a component requires a level of performance that the base alloy or substrate alone cannot deliver. This may be enhanced corrosion protection, better wear life, or improved abrasion resistance. An OEM can use less expensive or lighter-weight base alloys and couple it with plating to achieve superior performance over vastly more expensive alloy selections. What sets Wolkerstorfer Company apart from other platers is that we are certified for Nadcap Plating. What makes Nadcap Plating different is the amount of documentation and training required to handle to strictest requirements of the defense and aerospace industries. We also offer Nadcap painting and Nadcap testing to help you with your other needs.

When to Use Nadcap Plating:

So, when is the best time to start considering Nadcap Plating as a possible option? *After we know exactly what the part is going to be exposed to environmentally. *When the operating parameters are established, such as wear and abrasion *Where RFI/ EMI shielding may be required *Where a plating will enhance the performance of subsequent coatings Once a proper system has been designated, the second step is working with a recognized Nadcap plating company to execute the plan in order to achieve the required result. Wolkerstorfer Company offers a variety of different Nadcap Plating, including RoHS-compliant coatings, to meet almost every aerospace and defense need. Our Nadcap accredited certifications will show you just how much we’ve put into offering the best Nadcap metal finishing services.

More Than Just Nadcap Plating

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Our Anodize, Chromate Conversion Coating, and Passivate lines are Nadcap certified (AC7108).



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