wolkerstorfer metal finishing

NADCAP Plating

Electrolytic, electroless or immersion coating systems all fall under the generic heading of “plating”. Plating is an option to consider when the end result is improved corrosion protection, better wear characteristics, and/or enhanced decorative appearance. When plating is used, the OEM is able to use a less expensive metal without jeopardizing the performance of the component. Wolkerstorfer Company offers a variety of finishes, including RoHS compliant coatings, and we are certified by a number of OEMs.

Our Anodize, Chromate Conversion Coating, and Passivate lines are Nadcap certified (AC7108).



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Note to consumers: Wolkerstorfer Company provides metal finishing services to the industrial and commercial marketplace. We do not offer painting or plating services for consumer and household items such as: automobile parts, motorcycle parts, jewelry, kitchen/bath fixtures and furniture. Thank You.