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Order Processing

To help ensure that your parts are quoted and processed correctly, please provide the following:

  • A purchase order listing the process requested including applicable specifications and revision level
  • A complete set of legible print(s) including dimensions, notes, etc.
    Please contact us about how to provide ITAR drawings.
  • Masking – Make sure areas requiring masking are clearly noted on the drawings
  • A parts list with quantities
  • Request for certification, if required
  • If the job was quoted list the quote number on the purchase order for accurate billing
  • Paint – If your order includes special order paint with a long lead time send an advance PO
  • A contact person, their phone number, and email address

Expedites: If you have a job that needs to be processed quickly, please send an advance purchase order to Customer Service or call us before the parts arrive at our dock. We may be able to get them into the schedule or arrange for a team to work overtime. Rates for expediting will vary based on the time requirements, quantity of pieces, etc.

Note to customers: Wolkerstorfer Company provides metal finishing services to the industrial and commercial marketplace. We do not offer painting or plating services for consumer and household items such as: automobile parts, motorcycle parts, jewelry, kitchen/bath fixtures, and furniture. Thank You.

Due to the evolution of CMMC / CyberSecurity requirements, we do not have a form fill page.

Please submit the following to our Estimating Department via email or your preferred secure method of communication (e.g. drawings via a link to your FTP site):

Company Information
Company Name

Product and Processing Information
Project Name
Reference # / RFQ #

Part #
Print(s) and/or 3-D models
Material, including temper or hardness
Weight per piece
Surface area per piece

List process and specification requirements (E.g. Anodize per “a”, Prime with “b” IAW “c”, Top Coat with “d”)
Please provide the latest revision of the specification(s) if possible.

Masking required? Yes / No
Please include a print containing dimensions and masking requirements that are clearly legible.
If necessary, please handwrite or type the necessary information before sending.

Certification required? Yes / No *additional charges will apply.

Additional processes required? *additional charges will apply.
Salt Fog Testing (include the length of time in hours)
Immersion Testing
Lot Acceptance
Additional quality test(s) as requested

If there are Prime / End customer requirements, please list them

Do we need to be an approved processor to quote this job? Yes / No
If Yes, it is the responsibility of our customer to arrange for the approval process, including a survey if required.

Nadcap required? Yes / No

RoHS required? Yes / No

Thank you for your consideration. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 651-636-0720. We would be happy to talk through your project with you.