Phosphate Coating, Heavy, Manganese or Zinc Base Specification


Type I, Zinc Phosphate is very commonly called out for commercial and government contracts. This coarse grain crystal coating has a coating weight of 400 mg/ ft2 on average.

Friable Coating

A friable coating is designed to fracture on impact or in a “load on load” basis. Phosphates’ friable structure provide a sacrificial coating that facilitate in the initial break-in of assemblies that have metal to metal contact.

Zinc Phosphate

Meets TT-C-490, Type I. It is used to provide modest corrosion protection or as a pretreatment for other coatings like paint.

Manganese Phosphate

Meets MIL-DTL-16232, Type M. It is used as a break-in lubricant or as a pretreatment for other coatings like paint.


Phosphate coatings consist of a crystalline conversion coating on steel substrates for use as a pretreatment for other coatings or as a break-in lubricant. Phosphates are quantified by coating weight not thickness due to their fragile grain structure.